Land & estate management

The Land & Estate Management division is overseen by David Pardoe. We manage and consult to a number of large and small rural estates, ensuring the clients’ assets are properly managed and their aspirations are reached. We work closely with our clients to meet all the challenges and opportunities that come with the ownership of land and rural property.


  • • Agricultural, Residential & Commercial Property Management
  • • Forestry & Woodland Management
  • • Landlord & Tenant Matters
  • • Staff Recruitment & Management
  • • Estate Strategy & Reviews
  • • Land Use Grant Schemes
  • • Property Purchase & Sale Advice
  • • Sporting & Diversification Advice
  • • Market Appraisals & Valuations

“A founding director of Rosehill Advisors, I have spent my career helping owners of rural estates. Whether you want to buy an estate, sell one, or would like some assistance or advice in managing one, I have over 25 years’ experience of helping people get what they want out of their estate.

I specialise in assisting clients to meet the challenges and find the opportunities that present themselves with the ownership of land and rural property. I act in whatever capacity my clients find most comfortable – as a trusted advisor, consultant, manager or agent.”


I am responsible for supervising the management of a number of estates which total several thousand acres with hundreds of houses and commercial lettings – from offices to solar parks – as well as dozens of staff and the apparently infinite variety of contractors & advisors that come with such a large portfolio.

These estates often include a number of trading businesses. I manage or supervise enterprises from farming and forestry to sporting, retail and leisure.

I am often asked to give advice or act on aspects of estate management or on particular challenges clients face. For example, in close liaison with other professionals, I regularly advise and consult on succession planning, in particular the restructuring of farm or estate businesses.

Some of my time is spent valuing country houses and rural estates, or elements of them, usually for tax or other internal purposes. I also advise or act in the purchase and sale of country houses, land, farms and estates as well as shooting or fishing rights.

I have the privilege of being a trustee or director on several of my clients’ estates; and I am currently the Chairman of the Hampshire Committee of the Country Land and Business Association (CLA).

“David’s diligence in supervising our compliance & management systems is hugely reassuring.”

“He continually displays energy, patience and tact in meeting challenges and pursuing opportunities for us.”